"We all have the same rights and expectations to independence, respect, choice, fulfillment of our
ambitions, to be heard, included, and to have privacy and confidentiality. These expectations are
central to the way in which we interact with each other in our life together.
Safeguarding involves a range of activities aimed at promoting the individual’s fundamental right
to be safe. These include making and maintaining safe environments for all, having processes to
follow should something go wrong, and support for everyone involved."

New policies and procedures concerning safeguarding children and adults at risk in church and church based activities have been implemented by Christ Church Nailsworth. We are committed ensuring these policies and procedures are followed both on/in church premises and in the community at large. You will find links below to some individual pages from the policy document and also to the full document. Please find time to read these. If you have any queries please 'Contact Us'